• 2012 – 2013 Concept of format, Camera, Editing and Compositing of application videos, for Jobcenter Munich: project website

  • 2011 Camera, Co-Director and Editor of the Energy Live Sessions - "Duffy","Mando Diao" und "Aloe Blacc": www.radioenergy.tv

  • 2010/2011 Camera, Director and Editing of the TOTAL-Videopodcasts: www.total.de

  • 2010 Co-Director, Camera and Editing of the documentary "Jäger und Gejagte" with Peter Fleischmann

  • 2010 Camera, Co-Director and Editing of "Ghosts", a feature-documentary about the composer Robert Schumann, with Wieland Schulz-Keil and Irene Dische, for ZDF

  • 2010 Camera and Editing of the Serial "Unbekannte Freunde", for ZDF

  • 2009 Additional Editor of the documentary "African Election" by Kevin Merzfor the Swiss Television, Competition in Amsterdam and Sundance 2010:


  • 2009 Editor for the documentary "Mein Leben / Ma Vie – Hans-Magnus Enzensberger", Director Irene Dische, for ARTE:

    movie website

  • 2008 Director, Camera and Editing of the documentary about the 40th jubilee of the Prague Spring, for the Chech Embassy in Germany

  • 2008 Co-Director and Editor of the documentary "Feathered Fan and Silken Ribbon", with Dan Tang, for Wieland Schulz-Keil and Arthur Cohn:

    movie website

  • 2003 – 2008 Editing of the monthly music feature "SAT 1 Music Special" for SAT1.

  • 2007 Editing and Concept of the documentary "Making Of The Children of Huang Shi", for ZERO Films

  • 2007 Editing Supervisor of the documentary "Glorious Exit" by Kevin Merz, for Swiss Television

  • 2006 Editing of the documentary "SAXON - To Hell And Back Again" by Ronald Matthes, for SPV:


  • 2004 – 2006 Camera, Edit and Coproducer of the documentary "Mein Freund der Mörder" by Peter Fleischmann, for ARTE

  • 2001 – 2003 Editing und Compositing of the animation series "Odyssey" (26 shows) for Marathon GmbH (Best animation show 2003 in France, for M6, TV5 and Disney Channel)

  • 1999 Director, Script and Production of the promotional video about "Cyber Cinema", for the European Film Center Babelsberg

  • 1995 Sound Engineer for the documentary "Es sollen rote Rosen regnen" with Hildegard Knef, by Walther Harrich (DIVA-Film, Munich)

  • 1994/1998 Director, Script and Production of the documentary "Integration behinderter Kinder in den normalen Schulunterricht" (for the Ministery Of Education in Bavaria)

  • 1991 Directors Assistant and Editor of the documentary "Mein Onkel der Winzer" by Peter Fleischmann, for ARTE

  • 1990 Directors Assistant of the documentary "Deutschland, Deutschland" by Peter Fleischmann (Silberne Taube Leipziger Dokumentarfilmfestival 1990), for ARTE

  • 1989 - 1990 Production Assistant, Postproduction Coordinator and Assistant Editor for the science fiction feature "Hard To Be A God" by Peter Fleischmann (first german-soviet coproduction)

  • 1989 Production Coordinator of the short movie "Egal auf welcher Seite" von Andreas Eicher (in coproduction with SWF)